Morals-Based Investing


Morals-Based Investing helps clients in aligning their personal values and views about life with their investment decisions.  Morals-Based investing starts with the belief that assuring attractive long-term returns involves the ethical implications of an investment.

To really understand morals-based investing, you have to understand that investing is ownership.  So, whether you own all or only part of the company, you are still an owner. Morals-Based Investing is a lifestyle not a rate of return.

Some companies, first and foremost, seek to serve customers and society.  These companies devote themselves to creating real value for people.  Also, customers and clients are treated as deeply valuable.  We believe that companies with prosperous longevity are companies that serves the needs of others.  At Smith Financial Planners, we are one of those companies.  We believe that serving in the best interest of the Lord and in the best interest of our clients will profit most in the long run.