Seminars & Classes

At Smith Financial Planners, we aim to serve others. Education allows for a better understanding of what your financial goals are and how you can best achieve those goals. In order for you to reach your goals, we offer financial classes and seminars. 

Listed below are classes that we offer.

Biblical Stewardship:

The Biblical Stewardship Series is one of the most comprehensive study courses of its kind. This study will help people unlock the biblical keys to a powerful Christian mindset. It is immersed in Scripture, Biblical principles and practical application concerning money and possessions.

Crown Financial Ministries:

Crown is dedicated to teaching people God's financial principles so they can learn to live in God's economy. The course covers: debt management, budgeting, basic money management and investing.

Retirement Briefing:

This educational presentation focuses on sound financial strategies that may help you save money on taxes and then invest wisely to accomplish your goals and dreams.