Who We Are and How We Can Help

Who We Are:

Smith Financial Planners, LLC is a Christian company that provides financial education, products and services. Our foundation has been built upon Biblical Principles. With our Christian values and 50 years experience, we have proven ability in helping others achieve their financial goals.

We are located on the Southside of Birmingham, Alabama; however, we are licensed to serve the entire State of Alabama, as well as Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.

We believe that “God has commanded a blessing on your storehouse.” Deuteronomy 28:8

At Smith Financial Planners, our goal is to Serve God, Respect People, and Invest Wisely. Whether you are an individual, a family, or a business, we can help YOU build the Storehouse that God wants YOU to have.

How We Can Help:

Your investments can and should reflect your moral values. Our experienced team of financial professionals will apply our "values based investing" screens to determine where you are invested now and if needed, we will assist in reallocation.

Together, we will examine the areas where money is most important in your life. We will work together to determine where you want to be financially and create the best plan to get you there.